LIL B: Straps On Deck

Lil B - "Straps On Deck"
(White Flame; 2012)

For all his harmless tomfoolery, it's easy to forget Lil B is capable of pulling off remarkable hooks on occasion. 'Straps On Deck', like much of Brandon's noteworthy material, has a spellbinding quality that appeals to our most primal, innate sense of rhythm. His playful interpolation of 'The Message' syncs perfectly with apocalyptic stabs and palpitating 808's, just barely edging out 'Stay Scheming' for this years most efficient silver age chorus revival. The verses are typical Based musing (although the "problems lead to problems" PSA cuts far deeper than intended), but the hook falls in line with the overt paranoia heard throughout much of White Flame, which contains several references to B's fear of sharing the same tragic fate as C-Murder and Lil Boosie.


  1. ^^That's my favorite Lil B picture of all time!

    Idk if you saw this video, but Too Short talks about how Lil B wrote all the hooks for The Pack back in the day, which is pretty incredible.

    1. Dammit, I clicked on this to post exactly that.

  2. Dude! That Too Short interview is the shit! LOL Hilarious stuff.