JAY-Z: Maybach Music 2 (Lost Verse)

Jay-Z - "Maybach Music 2"
(Deeper Than Rap; 2008)

The surfacing of Jay-Z's lost 'Maybach Music 2' verse was quite a puzzling revelation. It's hard to believe the ultimate hustler would intentionally forfeit the opportunity to stand alongside the most domineering forces in urban radio. Despite the depth of Shawn's discography, his unreleased catalog is strikingly shallow compared to prolific Old York contemporaries. This suggests he rarely records in vain. Understandable, considering each moment spent mumbling triple entendres comes at the detriment of an itinerary teetering between exchanging text messages with Obama and ushering supermodels away in meter cabs. So why wasn't Hovito re-cast in the sequel? The only theories I can muster are A) Ricky took offense to the "no disrespect, but" backhanded compliment strain of ether, B) it was an effort on Jay's part to distance himself following Officergate, or C) this verse was written and recorded after the release of Deeper Than Rap, thereby rendering this entire article irrelevant.


  1. "I guess on the initial Maybach, I was way too official they ain't call Jay back"

    suggests option c? That he was on the original Maybach Music and wasn't asked for a verse on MM2?