Droptops & Gunplay Tapes

I've compiled my 30 favorite Gunplay tunes for anyone that needs to catch up before the release of Bogota. Highlights include Don Logan's 'Bout It' freestyle and a Kendrick-less version of 'Cartoons and Cereal'. Download it here. Enjoy.
  1. 4 Loko
  2. All On You
  3. Bogota
  4. Cherish The Day
  5. Cigar Fare & Hardware
  6. Drum Squad
  7. How You Do That
  8. How You Like Me Now
  9. I Wanna Rock
  10. Junkie
  11. Lemonade
  12. Mask On
  13. Nann' Nigga
  14. No Arm & Hammer
  15. On My Lap
  16. One In the Head
  17. Picture Me Rollin'
  18. Pump That Fee Up
  19. Skrate Up Menace
  20. Welcome To The Jungle
  21. Slow Down
  22. Gunplay
  23. Diamonds & Maybachs
  24. Walking On Water
  25. White Sand
  26. Finals
  27. New Jack Hustler
  28. Rollin'
  29. Break It Down
  30. Cartoons & Cereal


  1. Hooray for liberating Gunplay's verse from that Kendrick Lamar song!

  2. yeah I think gunplay blew kendrick away with that verse, but i liked that it takes ages for him to come in, builds up the anticipation for him nicely.

    why do i feel the urge to write a big ''No Homo'' after all that?

  3. No Miss Me tho?

    Skypin with ya wifey, thank God for electronics!

  4. @Eastern Good point. I also missed "Mike Tyson".