LUPE FIASCO: Double Burger With Cheese

Lupe Fiasco - "Double Burger With Cheese"
(Friend of the People; 2011)

Allow me to extend my sincerest apologies for neglecting to recognize the first undeniably great Lupe Fiasco song since 'Gold Watch' on my annual wrap-up. Although the opening bellows give the impression Lupe is preparing to don his patented spiked leather wristband (which is usually my cue to abort mission), 'Double Burger With Cheese' instead unfolds into a montage of heart-wrenching scenes from classic early 90's black cinema. It's a fascinating concept record that slyly questions the impact these films had on an impressionable generation of black males, as we were constantly force-fed premonitions of our own extinction. Hopefully this segues into a sequel encompassing the latter half of the decade, complete with references to Baller Blockin', Belly, and I'm Bout It.


  1. Wow. Never saw the video.. Makes the song way better somehow

  2. @Tron I agree man. WAY better.