KURTIS BLOW: Day Dreamin'

Kurtis Blow - "Day Dreaming"
(Best of Kurtis Blow; 1982)

The revivalist nature of this genre ensures Kurtis Blow and his legendary ilk will always be relevant, even if it's unbeknownst to the current generation. Nas used his delicate dream sequence to fend off jealous detractors, which influenced Toronto's own to set fire to Common's crochet trousers over a decade later. It's the circle of rap life. Stay tuned for Kurtis' very own blasphemous interpolation of Drake's 'Practice'.


  1. Wow the swag on display in that picture is too much for me to handle. Is that the top half of Bob Dylan's head photoshopped into the pool though?

  2. Oh shit. LOL I didn't even notice dude in the background.