The Game - "Letter To The King"
(LAX; 2008)

Martin has never been championed in rap music with the same fervor as his more aggressive contemporaries. 'Letter To The King' finds Nasir and Jayceon repenting for their initial skeptical attitudes toward Dr. King's approach to justice. It's difficult not to hate The Game when he's name dropping Rihanna in the same breath as Nelson Mandela, but his sensational Jesse Jackson slander is memorable enough to make up for any lapse in discerning taste. As expected, Nas justifies his ignorance and expresses disdain for current black leadership in a far more savvy way. Credit goes to Hi-Tek for tying it all together, as the thick stammering bassline and faint vocal samples do a great job of complimenting the heavy subject matter. This is the quintessential tune for our youngest federal holiday.


  1. There's also a great Curren$y & Wiz joint from 2009 called Rolling Up with this exact same sample. I suppose it might just be a straight up beatjack of this, actually.

  2. @MF Yeah, I'm pretty sure that Wiz song is a straight loop.