This will be a reoccurring piece. Hate me now.
Rick Ross - "Triple Beam Dreams"
Suggesting Nas and Rick Ross have excellent chemistry would be a whopping understatement. Their collaborations thus far haven't been particularly organic (especially compared to Esco's symbiotic history with AZ and Nature), but there's a fascinating contrast that exists between the elder statesman and reckless upstart. Nas writes from a nuance perspectivehumble and remorseful about his brief hustling stint. Partly due to the long-term ramifications the drug trade had on his own community, but mostly because he wasn't very good at it. Few rappers have the ability to balance social commentary, self-reflection, and intent to distribute so effortlessly.

Amy Winehouse - "Like Smoke"
Posthumous collaborations are expected to be tasteless. Songs never intended to be released, featuring artists never intended to contribute is a recipe for disaster. But Amy's well documented infatuation with Nas should ease any skepticism one would typically have for this kind of record. Godson's approach is unconventional, delivering a cornucopia of topics via rapid-fire flow. With exceptional focus he ties the Occupy Wall Street movement to his own personal financial straits, and then continues to staple both plights to the desire for casual relationships echoed in Winehouse's verse. It's a shame this is likely the first and last effort we'll ever hear from this kindred duo.

Lil Wayne - "Outro"
The Carter IV's grand finale is ripe with failure. Lil Wayne's notable absence, Busta Rhymes' fits of dementia, Shyne's post-mouth-rape intonation, and an inappropriate flatulence metaphor squandered an otherwise impressive double-time verse from Nas. Regardless, it was a great opportunity for Esco to remind the world he still raps, as the album is currently planking on two million.

CJ Hilton - "So Fresh"
'So Fresh' officially solidified Escobar Season with Nas' second opening reference to 'Eye For An Eye' this winter. His tone is optimistic, as he illustrates the upside of escaping an unhealthy marriage. That moment of epiphany when you realize your previous situation was pretty shitty in retrospect, and finally begin to entertain the possibility of rebounding. As successful as The Carter IV was, this is the first Nas record to burrow into urban radio rotation since 'My President is Black'.



  1. feeling this man.

  2. Word, do you think Nas has stopped smoking and maybe this accounts for this recent focus? He doesn't talk about weed nearly as much as he used to.

  3. @C-oop

    I remember during the "Hip-Hop is Dead" era he was talking about how no one should rap until they are 28, because they don't have nothing really have anything to rap about. Think it is just an age thing honestly. With less life left, you tend to be a little more focused.

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