PATRICE O'NEAL: I Hate People Touching Me

Patrice O'Neal - "I Hate People Touching Me"
(The Monday Morning Podcast; 2011)

Comedian Patrice O'Neal passed away on November 29, 2011, due to complications from a diabetes-induced stroke he suffered over a month earlier. This is going to sound horribly selfish considering the void I assume his death left in the hearts of his real friends and family, but as a fan of stand-up comedy I was genuinely disappointed to hear he didn't pull through. Untimely demise often, if not always, distorts legacy. But in this rare instance, the fallen deserves any and all posthumous accolades bestowed by his peers. This week Bill Burr halted his brilliant podcast to pay homage by sharing an excerpt from Patrice's stand-up routine. 'I Hate People Touching Me' serves as a great introduction to the veracious sense of humor that so often captured the inner-deviant that lives within us all. It's depressing to think this man would still be with us had he only taken better care of himself. Unfortunately, we're one botched armed robbery removed from an official Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn curse. Nick DiPaolo better protect his neck.