Mobb Deen Slanders the Absolute Greatest Rap Songs of 2011

Written by Deen of It Was Posted
I know you're wondering why there's a picture of Silky Johnson up here. Well, so am I. Like I'm supposed to hate on such an excellent list during this most awesome time of the year. Never that. After all, the list you're about to jump into is the best you'll read this month. Or at least today. Why do I say this? Our boy HL has done the one thing that you NEED to do when attempting to compile the absolute greatest rap songs of 2011: ask yourself "what is the critical mass of rap songs that will make vagina dry up faster than Rick Rawse collapsing on a commercial flight?" You'll be glad to know that HL did just that. It's impressive.

The level of confusion I'm experiencing right now must mean that this list is excellent, because I have so many questions. I mean, who the fuck is Quelle Chris? How the fuck do Danny Brown and Willie The Kid have more than one spot each? Why does Blu get to make any list at all with his unmastered broke nigga music (unless he's working with Exile or better yet, Clams Casino - make it happen)? And don't get me started on that fat fuck Rick Rawse. He hasn't made a good SOLO song since Teflon Don - '9 Piece' was cool, but it's just BMF part 8. Fuck that. Lil' B makes two appearances and not in an ironic way. As the kids say "LOL." I think someone picked the wrong "Chef." Oh and speaking of Chefs, why is the shittiest Raekwon song since 'The Lex Diamond Story' era on this shit? Why? But outside of those questions, this list is perfect. Especially if you enjoy parched female crotches. No hate here. None at all.

DOWNLOAD: Greatest Rap Songs of 2011
  1. Willie The Kid – "Die Free" [The Fly 2]
  2. Quelle  "Mo Money, Less Problems" [Shogun and Sleek Rifle]
  3. Lil B  "Grove Street Party Remix" [Sorry 4 The Wait]
  4. Blu  "The Clean Hand" [Internet]
  5. Prodigy  "Black Devil" [The Bumpy Johnson EP]
  6. Nas  "Nasty" [Life Is Good]
  7. Blu  "I Am Jean" [Give Me Flowers]
  8. Rick Ross  "The Transporter" [Internet]
  9. Danny Brown  "Fields" [XXX]
  10. Rick Ross  "Even Deeper" [Ashes To Ashes]
  11. Danny Brown  "Die Like A Rock Star" [XXX]
  12. Gunplay  "Mask On" [Off Safety]
  13. Danny Brown  "Monopoly" [XXX]
  14. The Throne  "Primetime" [Watch The Throne]
  15. Willie The Kid  "Fucking Toxic" [The Fly 2]
  16. Mobb Deep – "Get It Forever" [Black Cocaine]
  17. The Game  "Ricky" [The Red Album]
  18. Roc Marciano  "Hoard 90" [Greneberg]
  19. Blu  "What If I Was" [Jesus]
  20. Nas  "Like Smoke" [Hidden Treasures]
  21. Waka Flocka  "Gold & Platinum" [Lebron Flocka James 3]
  22. Crown Nation  "Green Party Swishercrat" [Internet]
  23. Lil B  "Bill Bellemy" [Bitch Mob]
  24. Tigallo The Tay God  "Return of the Mack" [Internet]
  25. Raekwon  "Footprints of Osama" [Internet]


  1. Well done, gentlemen. Well done.

  2. Dope list Fam... Can we zip these up in mediafire???

  3. @Anonymous There's a link above for the zip file. But here's the link:

  4. I've only heard like half these, but the list looks dope.
    LOL at any music outside of the radio not being vagina repellant. Here are my tips for attracting females:
    1.) Lift heavy things a lot until you are jacked
    2.) Don't talk about internet rap with her
    3.) Have kind eyes/a nice smile
    4.) Don't be a pussy
    This formula is foolproof, trust me I would know *puts on sunglasses suavely*.

  5. I'm still a bit surprised at how good that new Blu and Exile album is. If it came out even a couple weeks earlier it would be on a lot more end of year lists.

  6. @Victor Yeah man, "Give Me Flowers" is incredibly dope. He's really rhyming his ass off on that album.

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