GUNPLAY: Walking On Water

'Walking On Water' was released on the heels of Rick Ross' summer of assumed pseudo-identity. For better or worse, 'BMF' and 'MC Hammer' changed the direction of gangster rap by pushing Lex Luger (and eventually his several minions) to the forefront of the sub-genre. Any responsible music critic worth their weight in cocaine would likely dismiss 'Walking On Water' as a cheap attempt to ape Rozay's genuinely innovative efforts, but they would certainly be remiss not to also recognize Gunplay's brilliant contribution. His verse strikes a unique balance. If we consider Waka's approach akin to cyclopean masonry, comprised of hunks of raw energy roughly fitted together, then Don Logan's technical prowess is the mortar reinforcing that same unwrought exuberance. This was Triple C's last stab at establishing a buzz for Color Cut Clarity prior to descending into Maybach purgatory. But the intense journalistic integrity required to suffer through this record long enough to hear an awesome Johnny Lyall reference, coupled with recent leaks from the forthcoming Bogota mixtape, begs the question: Is Gunplay better off without Ricky's executive production?