OLD SHIT: Big Ghostfase Interview

So I interviewed the homie Big Ghostfase about a year ago, before he was all trendy. This was before he became internet famous for antagonizing Drake. In fact, Drizzy's name didn't come up once during our chat. Now he has 100 times more twitter followers than I do (I'm not exaggerating). I decided to throw this back up because I've acquired quite a few more subscribers since January 2011 (like four), so most of you reading probably never caught the interview. Not to mention it proves I'm a true visionary, trendsetter, and leader of men. Enjoy.
What’s good man? How you been?
Ayo whattup son! Ya know the god doin good n shit. Word bond. Cant complain. Nahmean.
On Bulletproof Wallets you classified yourself as a 'laptop nigga'. Has your blog BIG GHOSTFASE Chronicles been in the works since 2001?
Nah nah son it aint even like that nahmeans. Matter fact the god aint even start that joint namsayin. Anotha nigga who like one of the gods pupils n shit approached the god with that little blog tribute joint n shit namsayin. A nigga just humbled n shit to be havin disciples that wanna build they little temples of worship to a nigga n shit like that namsayin. A nigga feel blessed nahmeans.
Raekwon has experienced great success over the last couple of years. Some would argue he has the Wu on his back right now. Would you agree with that assessment?
Nah son. Ayo word bond yall already know the god done held that flag for the clan n shit throughout the hard times namsayin. Yall aleady know Tony got them niggas thru the storm when the monsoons came nahmeans. Word. The nigga Rae my brotha n shit but nah fuck that yo. Word bond. I love that nigga like a muthafuckin son n shit but nah. He my muthafuckin A-alike n shit but hell fuckin nah son. Aint no fuckin way son. Never that. Fuck that nigga. That nigga my brotha but nah. Thats a fucked up question my nigga. I oughta slap fireballs out some muthafuckas asses for that shit. But to answer ya question nah. Whattup Rae!
In an interview with Planet Ill, Prodigy claimed you and Reakwon introduced Mobb Deep to dust blunts. Do you feel any remorse for that?
Nah son. Ayo that shit aint no dumb nigga high n shit. That shit gives a muthafucka wings n shit. Niggas start to feel like they can fly n shit namsayin. That shit potent than a muthafucka nahmean. Ayo that shit make a nigga feel like he a dragon word bond. I fucks wit that. Not anymore tho cos that shit may had contributed to my nigga Tyrone flyin off a balcony back in Stapleton n shit.
Why should I be nice to the crackheads? What’s in it for me?
Ayo son crackheads is just normal niggas like you n me nahmeans. Word yo the only difference between a crackhead n a regular joe nigga like yaself is that a crackhead might steal a baby n try to give the muthafucka to you to settle they debts n shit. N a crackhead might offer to suck ya dick if they really need ya help n shit namsayin. Word bond. They jus kinda over the top wit they shit but other than that they jus regular normal everyday muthafuckas like us n shit nahmeans.
Do you still keep in contact with Woodro and Suzy?
Ayo son the god aint never known Suzy like that but the nigga Dro my muthafuckin heart n shit namsayin. Yeah there was a couple times when we had to stomp that nigga out in the staircase n shit. N yeah the nigga stole one of my seeds one time. We got her back n shit so thats like water under the bridge tho. The nigga broke into my crib one time n took the gods microwave n shit but he like family namsayin. Sometimes family do wild shit. But you gotta look past that shit n forgive ya family nahmeans.
I had an intense debate amongst my brethren regarding a specific line of yours. On “Theodore” you claimed to be a “love doctor in the hood, fuck bitches on their friend”. Does that mean you fuck bitches on their period? Or do you fuck one bitch while she’s physically lying on top of her homegirl on some Lexington Steele shit? Or is this some sort of double entendre?
Ayo son first off the god dont be runnin them red lights like that nahmeans. That aint how Staten niggas get down first of all namsayin. That shit just nasty. Fuck that. But yeah we be dickin hoes on top they friends n shit. Some muthafuckas be frownin upon that shit like why you be doin shit like that namsayin. But that shit just some regular shit when you in the hood nahmeans. Bitches upon bitches n shit. Niggas be bitin that shit now but yall already know that Staten Island niggas started that shit. That shit jumped off in Stapleton before it started spreadin like wildfire nahmeans.
I really appreciate your time. Any parting words for the fans?
Nah nah son we done touched on all those topics n shit. Aint nothin else need to be said. Ayo a nigga jus feel blessed n humbled that after all these years niggas is still feelin the gods music like that. Bein that the god put his blood sweat n tears into this shit it jus feel like a blessin. Word bond. A nigga feel like he cant even take credit for that shit. The fans make that shit possible. A nigga feel like the heavens done cast a rainbow over the god n shit. A nigga feel like he bein carried over a canyon by a thousand white falcons n shit. Like aint no regular mortal nigga can touch the god nahmean. The god feel like he can drink lava n shit. Aint no niggas can fuck wit the gods darts n shit. Aint no nigga wardrobe fuckin wit the gods wardrobe nahmeans.
Alright BIG GHOSTFACE, not to cut you off but I think that's more than enough homie. I'mma holler at...
I been holdin niggas down since we was still ridin dinosaurs n shit. Word bond. Fuck any nigga that wanna test a nigga nahmean. Imma slap a nigga head off his neck if he look at me funny. Ayo a nigga feel like he can eat a mountain namsayin. Fuck yall niggas that aint supportin a nigga financially too namsayin. Stop downloadin my shit! Come to the shows! Support a nigga! Ayo matter fact throw rose pedals at the god when yall ungrateful muthafuckas see a nigga nahmean. Word bond ayo Apollo Kids in stores now n available for download on ya little iTunes n Zune joints namsayin. Word bond.
Aight Peace.


  1. I forgot about this. Its pretty funny; this is when he was still pretending to be Ghost.

  2. RNC Chairman Michael SteeleNovember 29, 2011 at 7:31 PM

    This blog was talking about Tyler the Creator before it was cool, too.

    At least I think this is the first place I ever heard of him.

  3. You call him BIG GHOSTFACE and you seem to play it pretty straight that he's the real thing. Did you really think it was him?

  4. @Sablema No, it was obviously parody. His blog used to be titled "Big GhostFACE Chronicles" before the Wiz Khalifa fuckery. I think Def Jam made him change his style up.

  5. I caught his interview in GQ this morn. The world is watching the Internets...