MOBB DEEP: Get It Forever

Mobb Deep & Nas - "Get It Forever" (produced by Alchemist)
(Black Cocaine; 2011)

If nothing else, Black Cocaine proves Mobb Deep can still deliver despite Prodigy insisting to reserve his best performances for solo endeavors. Lyrics aside, the EP appears to muster up the duo's most ominous and brazenly New York incarnation. 'Get It Forever' shares a nearly identical format with Mobb's initial reconciliation with Nas, but the production is far more lively and animated than what Alchemist provided on 'Dog Shit'. For the umpteenth time this year, Esco decisively steals the show from those kind enough to extend an invitation. One of Nas' greatest attributes is his ability to remain an adept technician without compromising "swag". He tailored his verse around the melody so impressively, I'm a little surprised his Queensbridge counterparts didn't revise their approach and follow suit. Regardless, the collaboration makes for great music.


  1. Nas has got to the point in his career where i want to here what he has to say. i like his point of view style on this rap. i can see exactly what he's expressing.

  2. @mr_ashe I can't cosign that enough.

  3. Even when he's phoning it in, Nas is still more interesting than 98% of the rappers out there.