Crown Nation - "Deal With It" (produced by Quelle)
(Blue Mondays; 2011)

Beyond the actual music, perhaps the greatest measure of James Yancey's legacy exists in the critical success garnered by Detroit's homegrown talent in the six years since his untimely passing. Despite Dilla's looming influence, his Motown successors have been anything but content with forgery. It appears the local scene by and large truly digested the man's work and respected it enough to refrain from shameless impersonation. Detroit native Quelle Chris has quietly had a vigorous year, producing the most Hybrid-esque records ('Monopoly' and 'EWNESW') on Danny Brown's critically acclaimed sophomore effort, as well as his own solo work on The Sun EP. As unique and diverse as his 2011 output has been thus far, ironically, a flawlessly executed Dilla impersonation may be his strongest credit to date. Crown Nation's 'Deal With It' would sit quite comfortably between the ominous soundscapes on Ruff Draft, and even Quelle's cadence is distinctly Fan-Tas-Tic. The off-kilter kicks stammer like heart murmurs between horn stabs, soliciting urgency and panic in a belated response to 'Mo' Money Mo' Problems'. The duo are staunch advocates for karma, and have no empathy for it's victims. Apparently, it really is cold in the D.