Lil B: I'm 2 Real

The Based God doesn't beef, right? Ever since the release of Red Flame Devil Music Lil B has essentially become "Christ of the streets", so it's at least mildly ironic a project titled I Forgive You is anything but forgiving of Game's recent jabs on 'Martians vs. Goblins'. But we must remember that prior to being positive for the hood Brandon was violating bitches. While it's difficult not to take B's positive shtick at least a little bit seriously, he's made his way in this game to some extent by exploding the paradigm, being a parody of the art form as well as a sincere embodiment of it. This is why New Yorker think-piece style analysis is so useless on the guy. Lil B is capable of contradicting everything that has been said about him, so I would encourage you to just enjoy the simple paradoxical genius of his double entendre. When B complains that the game's too fake, cross-hairs are occupied by Compton's own as well as the rap industry. He's grown intolerant of Game's antics as well as the buffoonery that Game represents in the culture.


  1. Well put.
    Lil B transcends everything.

  2. This.

    Even Based Noz can't fully pin it down, and hes more qualified than anybody. My problem with most of B's detractors is they tend to just take issue with one or two parts of his style when he has heaps and hes constantly evolving.

    I guess he doesn't really start to make sense til you've listened to a lot of his shit. Maybe thats asking a lot of people to invest so much time in someone, especially if they don't like him already but its necessary imo. I think I liked him from the jump but I didn't know what the fuck was going on, at all.

  3. Also "one take.." is put in a whole 'nother light when its preceded by "contradre" but I dunno, its great somehow.