EXILE: Klepto

Exile - "Klepto"
(Intro To The Outro; 2011)

As I was browsing through my admittedly egomaniacal "LATTISAW TAPES PRESENTS: The Greatest Songs of 2011" folder that you'll eventually have to suffer through at the end of the year, I realized my favorite tunes thus far have been overwhelmingly serious. Perhaps that's more a reflection of my personal taste and recent experiences rather than a trend occurring across the entire genre. Regardless, I think Exile should run with the harmless asshole shtick heard on 'Klepto', because it compliments that Caucasoid inflection much better than his stiff rappity-rap incarnation that sucked all the fun out of Fashawn's 'Bo Jackson'. There's a certain charm to an artist willing to completely nerd out over immaculate instrumentals. I suppose as long as Prince Paul continues to waste studio time with Souls of Mischief, and Lord Quas plays second fiddle to the Medicine Show series, Aleksander will have to do.


  1. Any word on that Nas unreleased/rare joints tape u was talkin bout? Make sure u post that joint if it ain't out yet fam.

  2. @NovemberEnd This was my favorite after that DOOM verse and the version of "Pearly Gates" with all the echo effects.

    @southphilly Not sure what happened to that Nas tape DJ Rhude mentioned. It was supposed to drop a week ago.

  3. I see that hl has deleted my commentz....

    its deeper than leaks.


  4. Senator Michele Bachmann could get it.

    Senator Michele Bachmann could get leaked on.