ROACH GIGZ: Watch For The Hook

Roach Gigz - "F A Chorus"
(Bitch, I'm a Player; 2011)

Purposefully, whether explicitly or implicitly, acknowledging the lack of a chorus or hook has a long history in the annals of braggadocio. The pervasiveness of the form today likely points back to the popularity of 'A Milli', but other examples aren't nearly as compelling. To make a song with no chorus is one thing, but to take that song structure and use it as evidence of your talent is another. One might remember 'No Hook' from American Gangster, where the refrain “I don’t need no hook for this shiiiiiit” only calls attention to how much better the song would be if it had one. The “no chorus” approach serves as an opportunity to speak ego to power, but the inability to do so often yields lukewarm results.

What’s interesting about 'F A Chorus' is that Roach Gigz speaks ego to power in such a unique way. In a structural sense, it has all the calling cards: a chopped up, short-looped beat and a complicated, constantly switched up flow. He is, however, constantly trying to distract us. At one point he states, “I didn’t write this down, I’m an Adidas man, all Nike town, my eyes are brown.” What could be a boast is turned into a joke at his own expense by a series of stupid statements, seemingly off the top of his head. There’s something distinctively Bay Area about it. It makes me imagine what it would be like if the Pack were more openly self-conscious. What it comes down to is that Roach intentionally tosses his ego into the wind in order to make the track humorous and fun. By doing so he only proves to us that he’s capable of holding his own.

The video, directed by Kreayshawn, really says it all. It shows him literally in New York on his “tourist shit”, in Times Square, posing for photos with randoms, shaking hands with cab drivers, basically being as warm-heartedly obnoxious as possible. Only with this type of attitude can he profess himself as an amateur while simultaneously brushing the label off. While I’m still wary of the song’s format I can't help but enjoy it.


  1. The “no chorus” approach serves as an opportunity to speak ego to power, but the inability to do so often yields lukewarm results.
    depends, alot of times a track could have been great if said artist wouldn't have had a hook and just let the verses shine for themselves.

    In my opinion If the hook isn't appropriate or just infectiously catchy then I don't need one. This is contingent that the verse(s) are really impeccable.

  2. Without hooks Drake's music would be completely unlistenable.

  3. RNC Chairman Michael SteeleAugust 20, 2011 at 3:06 PM

    9 AM in Dallas Freestyle and Say Whats Real are two of Drake`s best songs and both of them don`t have hooks, not even rapped hooks. Both are fan favourites. Ignant Shit, too-- but Wayne kind of stole the show on that.

    But that said, most rappers need hooks either rapped or sung to have really have a song that people want to listen to again and again. And yeah I guess Drake would fall into that category, too.

    A Milli was pretty impressive in that respect.

  4. @RNC True, those songs aren't too shabby.