THE GAME: Rickyyyyy!!!

Despite the fact it's nearly impossible to express satisfaction with Game's music without prefacing it with the phrase "antics aside", he's certainly had a hall of fame rap career. If you were to toss his entire retail discography into California's gyrating powerball cage, chances of pulling a good-to-great jam are higher than Tupac's bandana. How Jayceon was able to pull this off with such a shallow pool of content and negligible artistic growth remains one of the seven wonders of hip-hop. But just because his lyrics are especially hollow, doesn't necessarily mean he's incapable of rambling about Los Angeles gang culture, Andre Young, and Chevrolet Impalas in creative ways. This brings us to 'Ricky', a cinematic DJ Khalil production structured around the infamous drive-by scene from Boyz In The Hood, in which Gabrielle Union's counterpart donates his torso to South Central's department of transportation. Game effortlessly maneuvers around the film's most memorable quotes, although it's a bit disappointing they didn't bother to incorporate my personal favorite line: "This fool got more comic books than a muthafucka!"


  1. hall of fame rap career

    I think he needs 3-4 more good albums for that.

    outside of Doctors Advocate none of his LPs are off the charts good.

    If 3 good albums is HOF than we gonna have alot people in this rap HOF

  2. i'm not a game fan. however this red album is as good as it gets in today's hip hop. they could have cut dre's interludes. we all know games story no need to explain it now.

  3. RNC Chairman Michael SteeleAugust 28, 2011 at 12:41 PM

    Yeah, not so sure about HOF, but Games got a pretty decent retail catalog like you said. Great beat selection helped, but he still does a great job of working around his limitations.

    This song is great, and the Red Album was a good effort overall.

  4. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

  5. Its no Murda though:

  6. im not adverse to the odd Game track now and again but this sounds like shit. Papoose already flipped the music from BNTH anyway and that 'Ricky' sample was on a jungle track back in like 94 or something.

  7. Song is dope. in today's weak ass rap its fire. Game has matured and come a long way since his came out. he's one of the more better and consistent MCs today. MC, not these wack rappers like MMG and Youngmoney. yeah he has had a hall of fame career. Documentary literally brought the west back, and working with what he's got, he does good. More tracks like this, good girls, the city and less of his other shit. he ain't tupac, but he's the best thing out the west past few years (aside from crooked I and maybe Kendrick)