WILLIE THE KID: The Black Chaucer

Willie The Kid - "Cornucopia"
(The Crates; 2011)

Willie The Kid finally reveals a glimpse of 'The Crates', which has apparently usurped 'The Cure 2' as his imminent release. The not-so-proverbial "cornucopia of flows" barely span a quarter of the song's total length, while recurring cast member Afaliah occupies the bulk of the record. In the closing moments he affirms the forthcoming tape will pay homage to original samples used to create classic rap tunes. 'Cornucopia' covers Stereo Lab's 'Come Play In The Milky Night', which is the foundation of J Dilla's 'Show Me What You Got' instrumental. Opposed to weaving his voice around instrumentation as Ghostface Killah has in the past, he exploits the same apathetic tone that ironically helped to sell his earnest on-wax persona thus far. This effort probably won't generate Willie the prosperity symbolized in the title, but it makes for a pretty damn good listen.