ROC MARCIANO: Villainy and Pogo Sticks

(Greneberg; 2011)

Pinpointing exactly what makes Roc Marciano's music so entertaining is an elusive chore. On paper he doesn't appear to be introducing anything particularly groundbreaking or innovative. Initially I assumed his ascent from Flipmode's weed courier sepulcher was a result of impeccable execution rather than outright originality, but the nuance has become increasingly apparent. 'Hoard 90' is a perfect example of why I love this guy's music. There's an interesting contrast between his deadpan demeanor and shewed sense of humor. His punchlines are transient, passing quickly in and out of existence. Akin to telling a hilarious joke without so much as cracking a smile. Roc Marciano makes music for those who instinctively root for the villain, and champion the antagonistic qualities of Bill Lumbergh, Johnny Lawrence, Duke Sigmund Igthorn, and Wile E. Coyote. But it's pretty awesome that in between ice grills he still finds time to conjure the priceless imagery of hoes riding dicks like pogo sticks.


  1. Roc Marci has an affinity for using food references

  2. Greneberg >>>>

    making cop thrillers on this side....