HALFTIME: Mobb Deen's Tentative Favorite Rap Song of 2011

Written by Mobb Deen of 'It Was Posted' and 'George Bush Money'.

One day some wise hedge fund muthafucka' will reinvest in John DeLorean's old car company and start rolling out DeLorean DMC-12s again (or maybe the HNIC can give whoever owns the rights to the company bailout funds). That day will be awesome because we'll finally be able to time travel per the scripture derived from the bestest movie ever, 'Back To The Future' (well, maybe second bestest ever after the first hour of 'Coming To America'). Don't worry about the flux capacitor - we have cell phones now.

I imagine that won't happen for at least three years, so that gives the version of me writing this shit right now time to plan my escape from the asskicking the eighteen year old version of me would inflict on himself (i.e., me) for the high crime of listening to most of the shit I bump in 2011.

That said, I'd gladly take that ass-kicking in exchange for the right to continue listening to Juicy J and Lex Luger's 'Who Da Neighbors'. The production sounds like every other Lex beat (give or take a synth line or two) and Juicy J NEVER says anything of consequence, but I'll be damned if this song hasn't wormed its way into my constitution as a human being. Frankly, it's a pretty ridiculous song, but I can't help it - it's the song I've enjoyed most in 2011. Same goes for the rest of the pair's 'Rubbaband Business 2' mixtape - it's delightfully ignorant audio carnage designed to encourage you to make terrible life choices and aspire to greater heights all at once. The weird thing is that I've acted accordingly - even though I know that smart people don't take life advice from crazy rappers.


Because I want to live on 40 acres next to Kobe Bryant someday. That's why. We trippy mane...


  1. RNC Chairman Michael SteeleJuly 5, 2011 at 9:33 AM

    I remember the hook being a line from Wiz Khalifa's Erryday ft. Juicy J. For some reason that line was the most memorable one on the song, so it's kind of awesome he turned it into a song.

    Juicy J has definitely been killing it this year. I'd probably put Bitch I Own You or Yo Legs as his best of the year, but then I never really DLed RubbaBan D Business 2 [or 1] yet. I might have to get on that.

    Anyway, good writeup as always sir.

  2. This is definitely one of my favorite hooks of the year.

  3. 2 thumbs up on the choice and the write up.

  4. This is my shit and the hook is indeed the dopest.

  5. There's nothing shameful about this inspirational piece. You'll look back and realize this song made you who you've become.

    Just never stop asking yourself "Who da neighbors?" until the accurate response is "Kobe Bryant from the Lakers."