HALFTIME: The Martorialist's Tentative Favorite Rap Song of 2011

Written by The Great Gats, B of 'The Martorialist'.
Husalah - "Da Mob"
(Mobbin' Through the West; 2011)

If Live Life Illegal was Husalah's attempt to channel 2002 - 2004 era Mac Dre after being initiated into the Thizz family, then his Da Mob joint from Jacka's Mobbin' Through The Hood compilation is what happens when he reaches for his Ouija board and asks the spirit of Dre circa 1989 - 1992 to rap through him on some ‘The Power of Furl Compels Me!’ type shit. It's a welcome move since Husalah is one of the more charismatic descendants of the Mac Dre school of gangsta-rap and there's only 4 EP's worth of material of the real thing from the Strictly Business Records period of Dre's career before he managed to get himself locked up back in 1992, but please don't mistake Da Mob for some bizarro Bay Area mobb musik answer to Jurassic 5 because Hus stomps his own character hard into the song while Charli 2na and whatever the names of the other rappers in J5 were* would merely tip-toe, and even Dre's then in-house production genius Khayree couldn't have envisioned bass which would knock this hard back then in the early 90s.

Whilst Jacka's current raison d'etre seems to be "I betcha I can put out even more music than Messy Marv and Lil B", Husalah is now working an angle as the Bay's answer to Jay Electronica by dropping a song here and a song there whenever it behoves him. Does he even plan on releasing a new album? Is he concentrating on the Mob Figaz reunion for now? Is he just making an artistic statement since his Harsh Reality debut long player is still unreleased a decade later, bar the odd leaked song like One Shot with Kool G. Rap? Or is he just too busy perfecting his Dru Down in the I Got 5 On It remix video hairdoo to put an album together? Bro, I still have trouble differentiating between Fed-X and Rydah J. Clyde on Mob Figaz posse-cuts so how the fuck do you expect me to answer that when even Mob connoisseurs like Thomas are baffled by Hus' unusual approach? Know this as fact, though : Luv Of My Life by DJ Quik & Gift Reynolds, Nowhere To Run by Rittz, South Wave by Max B, What's Happenin'? by Webbie, Concrete by E-40, Levi's by Treal Lee & Prince Rick, Lincoln Continental by Danny Brown and Danger Zone by DB Tha General & Kurt Diggler have all gone hard in my paint so far in 2011 but Da Mob does a certain something those suckaz can't, and that's making my laptop's speakers feel like the crispy ten inch sub-woofers that pop in Husalah's cadillac at the end of Fighting The Feds.

*If you can answer that question without the aid of Google then, please, get in touch because I want you on my rap themed pub-quiz team.


  1. cool...
    no reference to RICHIE RICH "Don't Do It"?
    no problemo.
    keep the good work.

  2. Tbh I didn't notice the bass and horns myself until like my tenth listen, probably 'cause Hus' is just that engaging.

    Great write up of a great song mane.

  3. I don't think my computer speakers are doing this song justice. I'll have to take a listen in the car.

  4. Okay, I'm kind of digging this. Bay Area accents usually entertain me.

  5. I can't imagine forty water comparing laptop speakers to some sort of animal trying to get out of his trunk.

  6. This is great, "Da Mob" is definitely something special. I had actually never heard that "One Shot" song before so thanks for that... Here is how you can tell the difference between Rydah and Fed-X: Rydah constantly sounds like he has been abusing cough syrup and wants to kill himself as he slurs his way through his verses.