HALFTIME: Lattisaw Tape's Tentative Favorite Rap Song of 2011

Prodigy's contentious autobiography sparked outrage due to it's generally unflattering portrayal of Mobb Deep's circle of friends, foes, and associates. While sensational elements are indeed what make 'My Infamous Life' vastly more entertaining than any piece of writing published by the recent wave of rapper-turned-authors, controversial excerpts promoted across the blogosphere overshadowed it's most substantive moments. Particularly his intense appetite for information which developed in the interim between 'The Infamous' and 'Hell On Earth'. In the book Pulitzer P draws a comparison between his "awakening" and John Carpenter's 1988 film 'They Live', in which the protagonist acquires a box of sunglasses capable of revealing the world's ills. 'Black Devil' is Prodigy's latest effort to convince his audience to don their own truth wielding specs.

The premise was briefly introduced on 'Genesis'
(the latter of what always felt like dual intros featured on 'HNIC') as a threat to expose covert demons guilty of duplicity. Staying true to that eleven-year-old pledge, 'Black Devil' denounces bigotry, questions the practicality of five percenter ideology, and insists the listener maintain a healthy skepticism toward familiar faces. Whether or not you choose to adopt this doctrine is inconsequential, because the validity of his message isn't half as important as the fact it sounds like the greatest rap song released in 2011. Illuminati P's conscious incarnation aligns perfectly with the apocalyptic aesthetic fathered by Havoc, cultivated by Alchemist, and in this instance outsourced to Sid Roams. If the haunting atmosphere and engaging content found on 'Black Devil' also lives on the forthcoming full-length Mobb Deep album, the future bodes well for the infamous duo.


  1. Damn... I passed up on the Bumpy Johnson EP cause I'm more of a casual listener than a Hardcore fan when it comes to anything Mobb Deep. But shit this caught me off guard. This subject matter is really right up my alley when it comes to Hip Hop. Fixing to go download that EP now for sure.

  2. @Anonymous It's a good tape man. Really short, but worth a listen.

  3. So glad you didn't go for that Nas song.

    This was the only song I was feelin' on that P EP. Great pick.

  4. I wasn't a fan of Sid Roams before the Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson tape...

    the joints they were tough...I guess I changing my tune as far as thinking their beats were garbage If they keep it up.

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