7 Reasons Why "BLOOD MONEY" Is Mobb Deep's WORST Album

Also, check out GuttaBoyJihad's argument for Amerikaz Nightmare.
1. A-A-A-A-A-A-A-Alchemist
Alchemist was unfortunately limited to a single contribution on Blood Money. Not much else to see here...

2. Wrong Weed Carriers
The Mobb's legion of serviceable sidekicks have always played a role in their full length albums. Illa Ghee, Big Twins, Littles, and Un Pachino were exchanged for excessive G-Unit features, resulting in an impelled assimilation. Blood Money is the first Mobb Deep project since Juvenile Hell deprived of a Big Noyd feature.

3. Where's The Classics?!
Yeah sure, the "Outta Control" remix was mildly successful, peaking at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100, but it didn't even feel like a Mobb Deep song. Most people probably assumed it was a 50 Cent record featuring Havoc and Prodigy. Brolic street singles that influence you to do bad things are a stable of Mobb projects. "Quiet Storm", "Keep It Thoro", "Burn", and "Got It Twisted" all held true to the Thun Life aesthetic in a post-jiggy era. I can't imagine wanting to hear anything from Blood Money performed live in concert.

4. It's Worse Than Amerikaz Nightmare
While it's true that "Real Gangstaz" is the runner up worst Mobb Deep song ever recorded, the impressive pockets of Amerikaz Nightmare—including "Win Or Lose", "We Up", and "Got It Twisted"are far more powerful than anything it's successor had to offer.

5. Tick Tock Fuckery
Regardless of the circumstances, a verse recorded by Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones should never be deleted from any song. EVER. The old Mobb Deep had morals, and would never let something as trivial as bullet wounds or even perjurious testimony get in the way of excellent rap music. Yet somehow the classic slick-talk peppered with introspection displayed on "Tick Tock"initially found on Alan's Insomnia mixtapewas reconfigured into an ode to the bitches featuring Mary J Blige. Egregious! What's more offensive than the exile of Godson are the subtle sprinkles, bells, and whistles unnecessarily piled atop of an already flawless instrumental.

6. Censorship
Fans deserved to hear the original version of "Pearly Gates", but I suppose 50 Cent exhausted all his political capitol denying us a Styles P album.

7. Curtis Suppressed The Natural Mobb Sound
Let's be honest, fans weren't going to accept this album, regardless of it's quality. Rap needs a bad guy, and 50 Cent is clearly the villian. His embrace of Mobb Deep is admirable to say the least. He reached out at a time when he didn't have much to gain from their affiliation, and that act of generosity should absolutely be applauded. With that said, he completely overdosed on executive production. The best thing he could have done for Havoc and Prodigy is create a situation devoid of any pressure to compromise their artistry. Instead, he chose to micro-manage a group with arguably the strongest catalog in the history of the genre. The end result was a consistently average album with few nadirs, and even fewer peaks. Despite his good intentions, there's no doubt that Curtis dropped the ball. Blood Money is indeed the worst retail album ever released by Mobb Deep.


  1. this is top notch blogging right here,fam.

    a good read.

  2. Aside from The Infamous and Pearly Gates, I thought Put 'Em In Their Place was their 2nd best single of the decade after Burn, and Click Click with Tony Yayo playing the Big Noyd role was pretty much perfect for NY thug rap circa 2006.

  3. Good post man, Amerikaz Nightmare and Blood Money are the only ones I havent heard so I cant really comment but "arguably the strongest catalog in the history of the genre" - KRS/Outkast/Wu-tang make that "arguably" fairly big.

    Not to mention people like Quik, EPMD, Geto Boys/Scarface and E-40 but I get theyr more devisive.

    No Noyd feature Is kinda unforgivable and 50/interscope do have a habit of homogenizing anything interesting out of an album so I predict i'm probly with you on this one. Tune GuttaBoyJihad had in his post is great though.

  4. Ah yeah, Put Em In Their Place. So good I cant even listen to the Husalah/Jacka version.

  5. of all the Mobb album I dislike Infamy the most...

    Blood Money has songs I still listen to

    i.e. Pearly Gates, Click Click, The Infamous, even the much maligned MJB song.

    Infamy beats that people seem to like was weak to me, and P seemed like he was sleepwalking through verses at times.

  6. this is top notch blogging right here,fam.

    ^Agreed. I always thought Infamy was a great album btw.

  7. Pearly Gates is underrated. It takes balls to do what P did with that verse, plus it was a nice little beat.

  8. the UK 12" for the 'Outta Control' remix was released as 50 featuring Mobb Deep. Great beat though. I liked 'Capital H Capital P' but in the grand scheme of Mobb tunes its far from a classic.

  9. Several areas of disagreement here:

    #1 G-Unit Weed Carriers >>>>>> Mobb Deep Cocaine/Pill/Dust Carriers.

    Ain't no one with a decent ear for music gonna tell me Banks, Buck and Yayo (as well as the curtis features) didn't ENHANCE the songs they were on, nor is anyone gonna put Ila Ghee (roffs) Big Twin, and Littles (who they didn't even fuck with anymore post-Infamy) in the same category or caliber.

    #2. Prodigy EXPLICITLY states in his Autobiography that Curtis HAD NOTHING TO DO with the music or DIRECTION of the Mobb album. He gave them TWO Dr. Dre beats- Outta Control & Nightmares, which for whatever reason, they didn't use. You read that autobiography and you know this, so I don't know why you made that BASELESS claim.

    #3. Alan the Chemist isn't a better producer than Havoc. Never has, never will be. Like I said, Havocs production was consistant with most mobb albums, and if anything, this was their most cohesive sounding album SINCE Infamy, and guess who handled the bulk of the production on there?

    #4. Nas hasn't been on a Mobb Deep song since "Its Mine", and that song was a bonus cut recorded because Murda Muzik was leaked and bootlegged early. Blame Nasir for him not choosing to sign over his vocals and be a hater, not the mobb for not using it.

    and that Mary song was dope, quit fronting.

    #5. The best of Blood Money>>>> The best of Amerika's Nightmare. Its not a contest AT ALL. Creep, Put Em In They Place, Click Click, Stole Something, The Infamous >>>>> Whatever the fuck is on Amerikas Nightmare.

    #6 Curtis didn't censor Pearly Gates, Jimmy did. Once again, Albert addressed that very issue in his book. And David got his album pushed back because Clifford used that same Crystal Waters sample he had planned for his single first.

    #7. Point blank period- no one gave that record a chance simply because who they were signed too. Nothing more, nothing less. If they took the time to LISTEN to it, then it wouldn't be a contest- Blood Money is a superior album, top to bottom in comparison to Amerika's Nightmare, which is a disjointed mess of region hopping, trend following nonsense that outside of Got It Twisted isn't worth the CD it was recorded on.



  10. infamy is definitely cold

    p was talking his shit on there

  11. gotta respond to guttaboy jihad (june 19, 2011):

    1. Buck and Yayo do nothing to enhance songs. If they did, there albums wouldn't have gone triple wood. I'll give you Banks (he's dope) and its true that Littles can't rap (IMO). Illaghee fits in with a Mobb mixtape, but not really any of their albums.

    2. Curtis really didn't need to do anything to influence the album as the Mobb unfortunately were riding his d**k so hard at that time b/c they got paid. But according to Noyd, he and Mobb recorded four songs for the album that got cut. And Noyd couldn't get approval for Havoc to be on his album "Illustrious". Hmmmmmmmmmm

    3. Alchemist not being as good as Havoc?? Really my friend???? I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    4. Very correct that there was no way Nas was going to be on that Mobb album. First, P & Hav hadn't spoken to him in years (especially after Nas dissed P on "Destroy and Rebuild"). And Curtis had beef with Nas at the time (the Game was dropped from G-Unit b/c he refused to diss Nas).

    5. I'll also agree that Blood Money >>>>> Amerika's Nightmare. At least Blood Money was listenable. And Havoc's beats were much better on Blood Money. Amerika's Nightmare is their worst album - even P admitted that during this time he fell off lyrically.

  12. Pearly Gates goes hard