Queens Got Something To Say

Neek The Exotic & Large Pro - "Guess Who"

My initial thoughts on Neek's latest effort, Still On The Hustle, is it's pretty good, but not enough so to warrant repeated spins. While he's actually a serviceable rapper, the album would have benefited immensely from Large Professor stepping beyond the boards (from what I understand he produced the entire project) and contributing more vocally. Not so much because the two have such incredible chemistry, but due to the fact Neek isn't very engaging and more enjoyable in small doses. It comes as no surprise the strongest efforts are the handful that feature Neek trading bars with the Mad Scientist, most notably "Guess Who".

Although "P Against The World" was supposedly recorded with Sid Roams prior to Prodigy serving his prison bid, I couldn't think of a more appropriate song to surface following the release of My Infamous Life. If I didn't already know this song is at least three years old, I'd assume Ambassodor P's claim that his detractors were limited to "one minute of fame" and attempting to "censor his words" was a jab at his former colleagues that have recently expressed disapproval and questioned the motives behind his autobiography. There's a genuine arrogance and chilling demeanor displayed here that I haven't heard in quite a long time.


  1. love that neek XP track!!!
    one of the highlights from the album at first listen. the joint produced by finesse is cool too. peep this if u havent yet: http://www.dirtyglovebastard.net/?p=36528
    Keep the good work.

  2. @Anonymous Whattup. I'm a big fan of WTK. That Sunz Of Man cover is real dope IMO.