HOSKINS: Fantasy Basketball League Championship Acceptance Speech

Congratulations to Hoskins for winning the fantasy league.
Hello there. This is Hoskins a.k.a. @WhaHos, your new Lattisaw Tapes Fantasy Basketball Champion. To quote myself: "SMH missed draft, got a shit team. I'll win with it still."

Nasty Nas, to Esco, to Escobar, now he is Nastradamus...

First, thanks to HL for putting this all together. Its a shame he never had a chance of winning. As a Londoner playing in my first Fantasy basketball league I made some mistakes, missed Dorrell Wright, dropped Hickson too early, but in the end it didn't matter. Tron Amaechi flopped, Deen disapointed like Arsenal US, NovemberEnd continues to prove NY is done, and Shooter should consider Fantasy Lacrosse in the future. JayR was giving me a run for it and was leading for most the season with five 20/10 players. But in the end...
No stamina...

Shoutout to Nowitzki for carrying my team to the chip, this may also be his best chance in years to win the real championship. I thank Ibaka for his blocks, John Wall, Andre Miller and Tymond Lawton for their assists. And finally I thank Monta Ellis, Marcus Thornton and Jordan Crawford for their ballhoggery gunning.

Until next year...


  1. Fuck all of you. I hope get get leprosy and have to type with your tongues or nubby excuses for fingers next year.

  2. The Pictures didnt come out properly so I tinypicced them