$WONDOUGH$: Exclusive Interview

You're from Miami correct?
Made in Dirty Dade. 305 all night and all day. I love M.I.A.
How would you assess Miami's current hip-hop scene? To an outsider such as myself it seems Maybach Music Group is the only movement gaining strength down there.
There is a lot of hidden talent and much of it is stuck in Miami's underground scene. I plan on exposing all the hidden talent in the 305.
Can you see yourself collaborating with any of Miami's local talent in the near future?
As long as me and my peoples remain free, I see myself collaborating with some of my homies...God Boy, Mr. Mic Rippa, AngeLust, iLLmaTTec, and Dub-P Mogly just to name a few.
What do you think of Uncle Luke running for Mayor? Would you vote for him?
Uncle Luke stood up for our rights and defended Hip-hop when they tried him on that first amendment rights fiasco back in the day. I support anybody who supports me.
I detect a heavy Ol' Dirty Bastard influence in your style. Who would you say are your influences?
I was a Naughty By Nature kid. I listened to the sounds of Deathrow before I did any bid. I listened to Wu-Tang when they said protect your neck, so I did when I was rolling with my Triple Six Mafia set. It feels like its Me Against The World, an Outkast who isn't quite Ready To Die. I am Illmatic beyond a Reasonable Doubt. Big Punisher latin pride...
It seems like you routinely transition between English and Spanish throughout your verses. Is that intentional?
Out here we be speaking broken language Spanglish, but I'm keeping the Spanish at a minimum for now because the majority of my audience only speaks English.
You're not worried the Spanglish will alienate unilingual listeners?
Thats why I keep it at a minimum, but when I target those who do speak it Imma' go crazy! No Jeezy...
Clever. Tell me about your new single "Helicopter Chopper City". What message were you trying to get across?
Helicopter Chopper City is a song that represents myself and the city. It is the anthem of my T-Shirts that I have for sale. You can find it on my website, and when you see the logo?! Nuff' said. The logo is what Miami is representing right now, but we're going to change that image to something more positive eventually.
I think one of your most engaging songs is "Worst Enemy". You attract a great deal of hate. Do you really feel you're WonDough's most dangerous adversary?
I grew up in a negative environment with alot of hatred directed towards ourselves and others, so the hate ain't really nothing to me. I actually feed off of it. If it was all love then what I'm looking for would come too easy. The man upstairs wouldn't want that for me. Nothing ever came easy to me. What did come easy, I paid for it many times over. I'm my own worst enemy and I'll be your worst enemy if you cross that line. Thats for anybody who wants to stop my progress. I'm just trying to turn all the negativity in my life into positivity. I got a story to tell, and I want to help the future misguided youth avoid the pitfalls and traps that I fell for. That's all. The future is ours.
Speaking of the future, what does WonDough have lined up? Any projects we should be looking out for?
I have many things lined up. What will be released is another story. I don't know what the future holds. I'm just going to play it by ear. I am the project, so keep looking out for me, WonDough.