AGALLAH SEASON: A Tribute To GrandGood

I love reading about rap music, so I keep my eye on quite a few blogs. To my knowledge, GrandGood is the ONLY website that ever bothers to post Agallah's music. In the past I've mentioned how underrated I feel the Don Bishop truly is on the boards. Dude is distinctly New York, but I feel his sound would resonate beyond the city if he could just land some high profile placements. The Dipset reunion, for example, would benefit immensely from his involvement. For about a year or so he and A.G. have been releasing a great deal of stellar music that for the most part fell upon deaf ears. Here I've compiled all the Agallah mp3's posted on GrandGood in the last 365 days. Get the tape here. Dig a little deeper for the tracklist. Enjoy.
  1. Living In The Past
  2. Nova Scotia Fems
  3. Rap Bobby Fisher
  4. Redspecful
  5. Smoke Away
  6. Stand Clear
  7. Swoopy
  8. The Launch Off
  9. Treez 4 Xmas
  10. Vince Lombardi
  11. You're All Welcome
  12. Choppa Time
  13. Make It Double
  14. What You Know Bout' It
  15. Get It Together
  16. Give The Drummer Some
  17. Bodies Remix


  1. Agallah does not indulge in self promotion. He has a highly humble personana. A gift and a curse in this industry. But I agree, he is an underrated living legend indeed. More to come.