WHERE AMAZING HAPPENS: An Illustrated History of Cormega's NBA References

Cormega: "Rapture"

Cormega: "One Purpose"

Cormega: "Making It Clear"

Cormega & Large Professor: "The Come Up"

Cormega & Large Professor: "The Come Up"
Cormega: "Ain't Gone Change"

Cormega: "Introspective"

Cormega: "Stay Up"

Cormega + Ghostface Killah: "Tony Montana"
Cormega + Ghostface Killah: "Tony Montana"

Cormega + Vybes Kartel: "Dangerous"

Cormega + Dona: "Hoody"

Cormega + Dona: "The Bond"

Cormega: "Legal Hustle Intro"

Cormega & Lake: "Ghetto"


  1. Mega Montana


    *dead* @ Ishiah x Magic kiss

    how did niggas get away with that shit

  2. I always loved the "despite the fans resistance" part on "Tony Montana." It was so awkward, yet great.

  3. @JK Word.I remember that game too.

  4. you a sun like kj n*gga, i'm the one like rod strickland???

  5. "I was a Knicks fan, they had strickland, they traded him, every since then son I hated them."

  6. i keep the heat near me, like shaquille wear evisu daily........my breed is nearly extinct mc's are really hard to find like a bernard king jersey

  7. I think we're at the point where we can make our own Cormega sports rhymes like people used to do when Cam'ron was getting computers putin

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