Reakwon Documents the Inception of Wu-Tang

Wu-Tang Clan are truly living legends, so it's always fascinating to hear them reminisce over the good old days. Whether it's Gza's recollection of traveling the Bronx with Bobby Digital like Lone Wolf and Cub in search of worthy opponents to engage in battle, or Ghostface recalling ODB's innovative uses for plastic wrap, the accounts are almost always grandiose and theatrical.

"The Scroll"arguably the most well written song on Raekwon's Shoalin Vs Wu-Tang albumtransports the listener to the inception of the greatest music group ever assembled. Shallah's skeptical tone transitions to emphatic enthusiasm as he realizes the talent involved in the proposed collaborative effort. This is something of a silent movie, as the characters don't participate in dialogue. "The Scroll" plays out like a Shaw Brothers film. Victims of marginalization suspend petty differences to unite forces against a common enemy. More impressive than the spooky narrative itself, is the fact that Raekwon is still relevant enough to document this historic conference.

Reakwon - The Scroll


  1. Yo who produced this crack?

    I still havent listened to this album yet.

  2. @Verses Evidence (Dilated Peoples) produced this one. He's really underrated IMO.

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