The South Got Something To Say

NOTE: Black women are awesome.
Brick Squad - "Fly Away"

On "Fly Away"—one of the few highlights of the Brick Squad Mafia mixtape—Gucci Mane employs a measured, calculated, and sinister flow. His verse is reminiscent of an intense scene from a horror movie, as it appears to be building up to something epic but that moment never quite arrives. In addition, the space left between each line succeed in keeping listener in suspense. There's another semi-competent rapper featured on this song as well, but I'm honestly unfamiliar with the Brick Squad strain of weed carriers.

Fiend - "Cross The Atlantic"

Over the past couple of calendars there's been an explosion in what I like to call Expedia Rap—a sub-genre which hosts Maybach Music, Paper Planes, and Jets Fool. Although I thoroughly enjoyed "James Bond Benz", Fiend should perhaps ditch the automotive industry and pursue the nautical swag displayed in "Cross The Atlantic". That lane appears to be wide open. I've said this before, but his International Jones character strikes me as the type of artist Curren$y would be if he wasn't such a nerd. Fiend is to $pitta as Stephon is to Steve Urkel. No Reginald Veljohnson.

Jeezy & U.S.D.A. - "Go Dumb"

I often give Jeezy a difficult time regarding his short lived feud with Rick Ross, but in reality I have absolutely nothing against the guy. He's just an easy target at the moment, and a big part of Lattisaw Tapes is communicating horrible jokes in a hip-hop context. Jizzle sounds enthusiastic and actually delivers a slick verse over typical Don Cannon production. However, it would seem that everyone except Jeezy understands that a vanity record label requires at least one charmingly ignorant weed carrier to fill in the blanks on projects such as "CTE or Nothing". Jeezy desperately needs to recruit his own Gunplay, OJ Da Juice Man, or Big Twin, because his current circle is completely boring and interchangeable. As it stands, U.S.D.A. is Black Wall Street status, and even Game was smart enough to give up on that silly endeavor. This song definitely had potential, but unfortunately all the initial momentum Jeezy contributes instantly dissipates the moment Weed Carrier #1 decides to rap.


  1. I can't work out if the 2nd dude is Slick Pulla or if the 3rd dude is Slick Pulla or White doing a Slick Pulla impression.

  2. Who are these people you speak of? lol

  3. Slick Pulla was Jeezy's main weed carrier on Trap Or Die and how could you possibly forget White?

  4. The newest Fiend mixtape is crazy man, Cross the Atlantic is one of my favs on the project.