New York Got Something To Say

NOTE: Keep your wallet in your front pocket.
Kool G Rap - Take Em Back
While from a conceptual perspective "Money Talks" is the strongest offering on Kool G Rap's Offer You Can't Refuse EP, "Take Em Back" is by far the most enjoyable. Thankfully this isn't an ode to the golden age of rap music, but rather a "70's-ish" period piece that finds the Juice Crew alumni on stage rocking outrageous waves alongside babes shaking tambourines. Although the account is hardly the performance you'll recall from Dave Chappelle's Block Party, for a brief moment you're convinced Eddie Kendricks has stepped outside his falsetto comfort zone and perfected mafioso rap. The vivid details are quite impressive, even for Kool G Rap.

I was a little disappointed when I spotted this on the trackfist for Movies On Demand II, because naturally I expected the trio to tackle Group Home's classic. I love vintage DJ Premier beats just like any other red-blooded backpacker, but unless your name is Jason Phillips my patience for freestyles over other artist's instrumentals is nonexistent in 2011. I blame CurT@!n$. Fortunately I've never heard this instrumental, which could best be described as upmarket. The record is extremely well executed, despite the fact each rapper employs a different approach. Narration, New York straight talk, and rappity rapping merge to create a brolic collaboration.

Raekwon - Sweep Week

Cocainism was arguably the most powerful mixtape of 2010 because Raekwon appeared to be having a blast, and consequently sounded as engaging as ever. "Sweep Week" picks up where Cocainism left off. It's rugged but smooth, and most importantly effortless. Wu-Tang is forever, and that's word to every pair of sneakers in my closet.

Agallah - Vince Lombardi

If Dipset is indeed attempting to recapture their signature sound, they may want to consider making amends with Agallah. While listening to his tribute to the Green Bay Packers, I couldn't help but wonder how gully Camron or Vado would sound over this beat. The Don Bishop has a way of crafting production that sounds epic, rather than noisy. People often confuse the two.


  1. CurT@!n$ ain't a wack MC, just wild corny

  2. @NovemberEnd You're probably right. I'm just not into the rapping over other people's beats unless you're really gonna kill it. Jada, maybe even Wayne is cool.