INTERVIEW: Stalley Speaks To LWH Radio

Conducted by Abortatron of Light Weight Heavy Radio

What’s up Stalley?
What’s happening man? How is everything?
Great man. You’re from the 330? Massillon Ohio?
Yessir. Massillon O-Hydro. *chuckles*
For those that don’t know, I want you to just explain what a Friday night during football season is like in Massillon.
Aww man, that’s pandemonium! Straight craziness! Literally, I think you can pretty much ride up and down the streets and knock on doors and there will be no one home. Everybody is attending the game. I can’t explain it. It’s so much excitement that builds around that night. It’s just a good time.
I lived in Massillon for a few months, and every Friday was like Superbowl Sunday every week.
Exactly! That’s an even better way to describe it.
Let’s talk real quick about “Lincoln Way Nights”. What were you going for with this project?
I was just trying to bring everybody into my world. Everything that I’ve seen growing up. I just kinda’ wanted to bring the world home with me for a second. Cruise around the neighborhood and up and down Lincoln Way. Lincoln Way is a street that runs through Massillon and goes into Canton. In the hot summer months, on Friday and Saturday nights, everybody just kinda’ cruises up and down Lincoln way and plays the music loud showcasing their cars with fresh paint jobs. Just somewhere everyone can hang out. It’s a good opportunity for the community to come out and support each other. It’s never really violent. Everybody is there to enjoyed themselves and have a good time.
I know you’ve done a lot of work with Ski, but I believe it was actually someone from Ohio that did most of the production on "Lincoln Way Nights". Is that correct?
My man Rashad from Columbus produced the entire project. That was something that was important to me. I had this sound in my head for a long time, but I couldn’t find a producer that could bring this sound to life. I was honored enough to meet Rashad who was from Ohio like myself, and he got everything that I was trying to do. We came together to make this project and I’m very happy with it. Everybody’s calling it a classic record in reviews. XXL, The Source, Nahright, and different blogs. Everybody’s really excited about it and so am I. I’m just happy I got to do it with someone so talented from Ohio.
Okay, now you’re going have an album coming out shortly correct?
Yeah! Yeah! Definitely. I’ve been working on the album with Ski. We’re pretty much more than halfway done. We have about seven or eight songs done. I had to step away for a minute because I was really focused on "Lincoln Way Nights", but now I’ll hopefully be able to get back in the studio with Ski and have that ready for the Spring or Summer.
There’s been a comeback lately as far as posse cuts are concerned. Kanye did the weekly series with fifteen people on every song. If you were going to have a posse cut on your album, who would you choose to be on the track with you?
Nas… That’s it…
Just… You and Nas? *chuckles*
Yeah. *chuckles* I’m not really into other rappers right now. The only person I could honestly say I’d like to collaborate with at the moment is Nas. I mean, if I did a posse cut? Maybe Nas, Mos Def, Jay Electronica, Common… Maybe those guys, but other than that I’m good.
Alright. Is there anybody that you looked up to as one of your favorites growing up, that you’ve already got to work with?
Oh yeah! Mos Def, that’s probably it. That’s someone I admired growing up, and someone I got to work with and build with. He gave me the go ahead to actually continue to do the music. He was like “yo, you got what it takes”. He basically gave me that stamp of approval, like “continue to do what you’re doing, you got something here”. I just honestly thank him for even saying that.
I have to ask, seeing as you’re from Ohio. How do you feel about the Cleveland Cavaliers right now?
Aww man… It’s unfortunate. I didn’t think they would struggle this much with the loss of Lebron. I guess it just shows how talented he is, and how much of a help he was to that team. But they’ll be back. I’m still a fan and I just hope everything comes together for them.
Alright, thanks for giving us a few minutes of your time.
Thanks. Keep doing what you're doing.


  1. '69 Cadillac coupe is ill, so is that Yenko Camaro.