Droptops & Danny Brown Tapes Redux

Okay, so we had some fun at Danny Brown's expense the other day. Nothing personal. Although in the long run, I don't think riding the homo bandwagon will benefit homie. Ironically enough, dude has released some of the most agressive content in the last year or so, and he's already four-for-four in 2011. Real Nigga Tumblr and Deen made some interesting comments regarding "Cassie-gate" that I'd recommend checking out. Anyway, you can get the tape here. Enjoy.
  1. Black & Brown (featuring Black Milk)
  2. Black
  3. Cartier
  4. Dick Suck
  5. God Of War
  6. Greatest Rapper Ever
  7. It's An Art
  8. Lincoln Continental
  9. Metal Gear Solid
  10. My Life's The Shit (featuring Tony Yayo)
  11. New Era
  12. Nowhere 2 Go
  13. Radio Head
  14. S.O.S.
  15. Shootin' Moves
  16. Stay On
  17. Trap Ball (featuring Lil B & Tony Yayo)


  1. yall are missing a lot of quality danny brown shit. check the hybrid: cutting room floor mix on kevinnottingham's blog. or youtube 1 step, sleep, demons and angels, tea time, etc... some of his best shit

  2. yeh Deen summed it up pretty accurately

    Radio Head is still probably my favourite song of 2011 thus far tho

  3. @Anonymous I've heard those, That's why songs like "God Of War" and "Metal Gear Solid" are included. The songs you mentioned are cool too, but just not personal favorites of mine. This is the same tape I posted six months ago, with a few additions from Hawaiian Snow & 2011 joints.

  4. Where can i get the version of Contra with the hook/extra verse

  5. @24K I'm not sure I'm familiar with that one.