Droptops & 8-Off The Assassin Tapes

NOTE: This might be the most hardbody tape yet.

Last night I came to the conclusion that Agallah is the most underrated producer on the mic. Whether samples or synths, his sound has always been unmistakably New York. No one does aggresive content quite like Brownsvillians. Shout out to GrandGood for being the only blog I'm aware of that consistently posts 8-Off's music and videos. Get the tape here. Enjoy.
  1. Words From Prodigy
  2. Floyd Madness
  3. '86 Era
  4. God Of War
  5. G's Up Haters Down
  6. Crookie Monster (produced by Alchmeist)
  7. O.G.G.G. (featuring & produced by Alchemist)
  8. Self Made
  9. New York Ryder Music (produced by DJ Premier)
  10. The Hitter
  11. Master P (featuring Sean Price)
  12. Zepplin Fuel (featuring Sean Price)
  13. Rising To The Top (featuring Sean Price)
  14. Yeah Baby
  15. Roof Top
  16. Hammers On Deck (featuring Sadat X)


  1. You've been dropping some real suprising shit recently HL, with this one being no exception...

    Agallahs been around along time, good to see appreciation of the mans efforts...

  2. @24K Thanks for checking it out man. Hope you enjoy it.

  3. You forgot he produced alot of crack during his Dip Set affiliate days too. There was alot of good production on this tape...


  4. @RNT Thanks, appreciate that. I'm not as familiar with his Purple City era material as I'd like to be, but I've been meaning to check it out.

  5. Agallah is that dude man, he's one of the few still bring raw NY hip hop.