Queensbridge Expansion Pack

NOTE: The history left y'all cursed.
I'm sure everyone would've came up with a completely different list. I could go on for days. There's been so much talent to come through QB it's unreal. Get the expansion pack here.
  1. Tragedy & Littles - Stay Free
  2. Prodigy & Cormega - Three
  3. Screwball - H.O.S.T.Y.L.E.
  4. Tragedy & Capone - Thug Paradise
  5. Prodigy - Keep It Thoro
  6. Lake, Cormega, & Capone - We Gon' Buck
  7. Queensbridge - The Bridge 2001
  8. Nas & Prodigy - Tic Tok
  9. Nashawn - In Jail
  10. Blitz & Nas - Every Ghetto
  11. Infamous Mobb - Mobb Niggaz II
  12. Killa Sha - Do My Thang
  13. Prodigy, Lake, & Tragedy - Get Back
  14. Capone & Tragedy - Stick You
  15. Nas & Mobb Deep - Live Nigga Rap


  1. Especially considering I originally assumed the forum was worthless beyond sharing still image pornography.



    This is how I discovered Tumblr. Nothing makes the boring work day go better than going down stairs for a smoke break and going through tumblr pRon. Whats amazing is the number of girls who post pictures of themselves (some of em are fit too).

    Oh and Live nigga rap > ________________

    Yo when I first copped IWW on tape (yes tape), I use to play that track ova and ova again. Use to rewind that shit just to hear little homeys verse. Ova and Ova again. All of you can suck my balls through my drawers (none) if you think otherwise.

    HL you got calm down? Nore Tragedgy and Esco? I gots the instrumental if you wanna it. The instrumental > the vocal one IMO. Esco should of done more than a chorus where he sounds like he's stoned out of his mind.

    Yo I'm rambling. Apologies. 5th coffee for the day. Making me all aggy and shit. I fuckin dare my boss to step to me today. Started at 5.45 in the fuckin morining to finish of some shit for a client pres.

    All these coffees, I swear If I don't stop, I'm gonna get the runs (none).

    *goes down stairs to smoke and look at tumblr pron*.

  2. Whats amazing is the number of girls who post pictures of themselves (some of em are fit too).


    lmao I'm a loyal fan of bootyexpo.com, and I sometimes wonder how it's possible so many different girls have done porn. For every star there's a thousands of miscellaneous chicks. Then I wonder what the chances that an average girl you meet on the streets have done videos. Crazy.

    I'm good on the Calm Down instrumental. I'm a fan of the entire song, hook and all. Especially the hook actually.

  3. Good looking, this is hip hop at its greatest

  4. @MF That was a good read.

    @EOP & Digs No problem.