Mafioso Rap Chronicles II

CHAPTER TWO: Roc Marciano and Rick Ross keep mafioso rap alive.
Now that the debris has settled from Kanye West's epic marketing blitz, it's clear Roc Marciano and Rick Ross were the most valuable poets of 2010. Although both artists have different approaches to creating music, they share a unique knack for exploiting the subgenre's most entertaining facets. Their respective stan-bases would never admit to it, but "Don Shit" and "The Transporter" are absolutely interchangeable. Neither song contains a narrative, yet the lyrics are beautifully detailed and remarkably ambitious. Marciano doesn't settle for domestic vixens, he prefers Portuguese divas. Ross isn't satisfied with merely surviving a shrinking economy, he produces triple in fickle markets. One could only hope the two cross paths sooner than later. Stranger collaborations have happened.

Rick Ross - The Transporter


  1. Roc is a beast like usual, that Rick Ross is a gem for real. I'm really impressed by that joint but I think the beat was intended for Ghostface, fuck def jam.

  2. "Songs play out like motion pictures" - Roc Marciano

  3. Roc and Ross don't belong in the same sentence. Unless that sentence is Roc just slapped the shit outta Ross.