James Bond Benz

NOTE: I'm dancing! Woo!
After only a few listens it's pretty clear that Fiend's Tenni Shoes & Tuxedos is vastly superior to Curren$y's latest mixtape, even if the latter appears to have generated far more excitement among most of the music blogs I frequent. "James Bond Benz" feels like the sequel to my third favorite song from last year. I'd really love to hear an entire album of this brand of nonchalant escapism. Hopefully the rumored collaborative project between International Jones and $pitta will provide similar tropical soundscapes.


  1. Now I wanna roll around the city with the windows down and the heat on, not giving a fuck throwing a middle finger to the cops and ignoring the hos.

    Thanks Fiend >>>>>


  2. not feeling this song...nor the mixtape

    maybe too nonchalant...sleep inducing raps really...

  3. horn samples >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  4. De Nah Soul is Dead.

  5. I like the variety and originality of the posts, you got a good thing going over here.

  6. @Oakley/Bricktop Appreciate that.

  7. This is dope. You familiar with his No Limit stuff? You gotta do a Fiend comp.

  8. @Aaron I'm not familiar with Fiend's catalog. I've listened to some of his No Limit stuff over the weekend though. I definately want to make a Fiend tape in the future though.

  9. Yeah yeah, i saw the name an was thinking whether it was that fat ugly piece of shit that was on No Limit back in the day./hahah

  10. Don't get me wrong, this song is mad cool, but does anyone else think dude sound heaps like Saafir...

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