Droptops & Elzhi Tapes

NOTE: Where is Elzhi?
As I was putting together this tape, I just realized how much I love Elzhi's girl songs, introspective joints, and hybrids of the two skill sets. Shame on anyone comparing this guy to Canibus or Royce! HOW DARE YOU, SIR!!! There is no competition. Anyway, here's a few of my favorite songs not featured on Slum Village albums. You can download the tape here. Enjoy.
  1. Preface Intro
  2. Colors Part II
  3. D.E.M.O.N.S.
  4. Dedicated
  5. Heart Of The City
  6. High Off Life
  7. Cold Steel
  8. Save Ya'
  9. Talking in my Sleep
  10. Transitional Joint


  1. ELZHI'S BETTER THAN YOU. HE'S BETTER THAN YOU. (message to all rappers)

  2. Shame on anyone comparing this guy to Canibus or Royce! HOW DARE YOU, SIR!!! There is no competition

    El is like a poor-mans Nas (i mean that with all the respect in the world)

    Last word i heard of is Elzhi trying to connect with Madlib for a collaborative project.

  3. Whattup Jay-R

    @NovemberEnd I heard he was doing a project with Madlib too. Hopefully we hear that this year. You can hear the heavy Nas influence in Elzhi, but sometimes his concepts remind me of Gza.

  4. Elzhi's "Undefeated Freestyle"
    Produced by MADLIB

    Crazy post as usual hl!

  5. Elzhi BEEN underrated.

    I hope that he releases a lot of music this year since he is out of SV.

  6. Never listen to Elzhi... Am I losing?


  7. Whattup Jihad. Nah, I don't think you would fuck with Elzhi's music. This tape is a good place to start though if you were interested.

  8. A Poor Mans Nas! That is Blaspheme November!
    No Human Being Should Be Compared to Another Human Being.
    That's Just Stupid.
    Elzhi is His Own Person. People always wanna compare things to other things in the Box. We have to stop that, cause in the end it, it's like being so superficial, dispensable...and really closed minded.

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