DOWNLOAD: 50 Greatest Songs of 2010

NOTE: Keep your wallet in your front pocket.
Get the tape here. Listen, reflect, and most importantly enjoy. Peace to all the following Tommy Hill ice rockin' niggas that contributed to the countdown, dropped links to this blog, or were kind enough to take time out of their busy year to post a comment. Thanks for the support. May GOD bless you all with the finest of crab meats, vintage cassette tapes, and Snow Beach pullovers.
Shoutout to The Ghost of Verses, Deen, Heroine Headliner, MF aka Mo' Codenames, Jeff Weiss, Abortatron aka Tron Wilson, Carter Whitelow aka Shawty SweartaGOD, cholerA, RNC Chairman Michael Steele, Shooter, Mal Malloy, Khal, Rey, Osman, Hopp, NovemberEnd, cOLD aka Tired of Being Broke, Victor, Big Seth, Lane Kiffin, Vincent Lopez, JDS, Hoskins, Jay R, Ivan Rott, Work the Angle, Noods, EOP aka Eyes of Phases, Digs, Kid Nice, Little Miss Knobody, The Homie from Metal Lungies, The Homie from UPNORTHTRIPS, DJ Step One, Thun, Gotty, 24 Karat Gold Slum Computer Wizard, D Billz aka Due Payer, Eastern Digital, AmpGeez, Vincent Van Dro, Real Nigga Tumblr, G7, Noz, Stroydnaire, Nick, Hoskins, Indo, Greg B, Done, Justin Iam, DV, Nappy, 72, Myron Callahan, Jaap, Hotasballs aka PAUSE! PAUSE! PAUSE!, BIGSPITGAME, Shellz Liotta, M-Lito, bding7, Davey Dave, Enig Mue, Cale, Sonny, Barack Obama, Raven Symone aka Lemme' Holla' at You!!!, Nucky Thompson, ReaJuan (Wu-Tang Latino), and Nasir Jones.


Roc Marciano - Shoutro


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  2. RNC Chairman Michael SteeleDecember 29, 2010 at 12:38 PM

    This blog keeps getting better and RAWSE.

    Best wishes for the New Year, bro.

  3. Great blog...HL

    Hopefully in 2011 more readers get familiar with Lattisaw Tapes.

  4. Many thanks! Appreciate the work you've done on this blog, always putting out the hot shit. Happy New Year!

  5. Respect man, between this and the Unkut mixtape I'm set for awhile!

  6. This blog keeps getting better and better

    word up

  7. *daps everyone*

    @WorkTheAngle I'm listening to the Unkut compilation right now. It's pretty good, has some joints I missed out on. This dude from Queens, Action Bronson? Dude is sick with rhymes. Dope shit.

  8. Salute! This blog is official. Great work with the best tracks of 2010. Thats had me hype for a minute. Peace.

  9. @Stroydnaire Thanks a lot man, I appreciate that. Had to go back and add you to the shoutro list.