7th Greatest Rap Song of 2010

Nas & John Legend: Victory
Written by Deen from It Was Posted

I suppose it's time for me to admit that I'm a blogger, or at least an internet rap nerd, because the only people who seem to realize that Nas dropped a full length project this year are people that spend a lot of time on the internet. And Jamaicans. Some of 'em. The two Jamaicans I know probably don't listen to Nas. They're stupid that way. Anyway, this song may have gotten more attention from Nas' core fan base than the entire Distant Relatives project. That's a pity, since Distant Relatives is really good.

And it's even more of shame that Nas chose to give one of his best verses of the year to that loud Khaled dude. I've always maintained that the best incarnation of Nas is his "Escobar" persona and he does a great job of resurrecting that guy for the first half of this verse. Then he drops some jewels and you think he's about to get all Talib Kweli on you, but alas, Esco prevails with more slick talk. It's fun stuff that makes one wish Nas would do this bragging shit more often, with or without Khaled yelling and John Legend wailing about victory. Maybe Nas' effortless mastery of brag/mafioso rap will inspire that clown Rick Rawse to stop deluding himself for a minute. Unlikely, but a man can dream, right?

Nas - Victory


  1. "Distant Relatives is really good."

    Word, except Nas coasted throughout

    "I've always maintained that the best incarnation of Nas is his "Escobar"


  2. It Was Written stays underrated.

    As for this track, i'd never bumped it due to the Khaled association...what a mistake, Nas absolutely beasts on this, one of the best lyrical performances ive heard all year.

  3. As for this track, i'd never bumped it due to the Khaled association...


    lol Quite a few people have told me this. It's Nas though...

  4. haha its true, Nas doesn't even oversaturate when it comes to leaking music. I guess Khaled+Nas' tin ear put me off. That said the other nas/khaled "collab" "im on" was a heater as well.

  5. This track, and the Detox leak with Gnoz and TI (topless) are the best Gnoz tracks in a fuckin while (yes I'm including Distant Relatives).

    This is the only track from that fat Palestinian I have ever listened through to the end. Apparently, Khaled Khaled was originally going to get Kiss and some other guy on this track as well. Nas just spazzed, so the Palestinian let it be. I tip my hat to that fat fuck (none)for doing so.

    This track is > _______. What I still don't get it, why the fuck you do this and not drop a measley fuckin 16 for Shallah foe OBCL 2? Yes I'm still not over it. This kind of track while it gets me going (none), gets me pissed off at the same time due to Nasir's inconsistency in choosing beats, his raps, his guest appearances etc.

    And yes Ive said this before in NahRight. Sue me.

    Props to HL for consistently dropping heat. And props to whomever the fella who wrote the post. And fuck my bosses.

  6. i gotta be honest.

    i'm a little disappointed with the placement of your top ten..

  7. "i'm a little disappointed with the placement of your top ten.."


    Who's top ten do you prefer?

  8. Who's top ten do you prefer?

    mine, of course LOL..

    i'm just surprised at some of the stuff in the top 10, namely "hard in the paint"

  9. I'm not trying to convince you these are the best songs. I like "Hard in the Paint", "Victory", and "Shooting Moves". I would hope the fact you disagree doesn't make the list any less interesting to read though. I've enjoyed a lot of lists in the past week from different bloggers, and I didn't agree with any of them. Plus they put me on to a few songs that were actually dope that I overlooked.






  10. RNC Chairman Michael SteeleDecember 21, 2010 at 7:22 AM

    Hey, lists are no fun if people agree on them. The whole point is to spark debate.

    I can't seem to listen to any Khaled song. The guest verses, hooks, and beats are all misplaced, and usually overdone, and put together with no semblance of what it takes to put a good song together.

    This song is the exception, though. Didn't like the John Legend hook the first time I heard it but it grew on me. Between this and Last Real N----- Alive Pt 2. I'm looking foreword to a Nas album without any reggae on it.

    Great write up Deen!