3rd Greatest Rap Song of 2010

Curren$y & Fiend: Flying Iron
Written by MF aka Mo' Codenames from The Matorialist

He might tote a skateboard, work extensively with Wiz Khalifa, and find himself as Ski's latest muse nowadays, but make no mistake that Curren$y is a New Orleans rapper who'll always be a descendant of the No Limit famalam at heart. His laconic drawl bears more than a passing resemblance to Young Bleed, classic gangsta-rap references sprout plentifully a la TRU, and his intricately constructed flows owe a huge debt of gratitude to No Limit's original potentate of ornate diction and structure, Fiend.

So it makes perfect sense, then, that $pitta and the reinvigorated Fiend should work together and are scheduled to collectively release a project comprised entirely of samples taken from the Menahan Street Band early next year. Both HL and your boy here are agreed that Flying Iron is the best of their three 2010 collaborations to date and it finds the duo of former Master P employees using a deeply tropical horn-led backing (the audio equivalent of one of Bruce Campbell's Hawaiian shirts in Burn Notice) as a catwalk for their richly tailored flows to strut their stuff on. It's a tad surprising just how comfortable the two transgenerational N.O. rappers sound together given the remarkable difference in the timbres of their voices, but they compliment each other perfectly here and this shit goes hard when you're ridin' in your Fiat lookin' for a biatch.

Ayo' Curren$y and Fiend—a couple of Young Bleed guest verses wouldn't go amiss on your forthcoming venture, but, please, no Lil' Romeo cameos, huh?

Curren$y & Fiend - Flying Iron


  1. They oughta add some Nesby Phips to the equation too...

  2. What I love about Curren$y is how he synthesizes all his regional influences. His mixtapes during his Weezy-affiliated days are interesting because he's spitting over Wu Tang and Pharcyde beats...shit you wouldn't expect a pre-Lollipop Cash Money artist to flow over.

    Great entry btw.