38th Greastest Rap Song of 2010

Kanye West featuring Kweli & Consequence: Chain Heavy
I'm convinced Q-Tip employed the Dark Shadows intro for "Chain Heavy". If anyone out there can prove otherwise, do me a favor and don't ruin this for me. This is Q-Tip's signature "spooky shit" he referred to back in Nas' Illmatic EPK in reference to "One Love". I'm actually leaning toward aliens building the pyramids, but I'll have to look to Prodigy for confirmation when he's released in February.

Kanye West featuring Kweli & Consequence - Chain Heavy


  1. What about the king ghidora album?

    He fucked this sample up. I love it.

  2. I forgot all about that. What was the name of that track Tron?

  3. It actually is all over that album during interludes and shit, but doom spits over the beat on "final hour"

    That album is mad slept on.