32nd Greatest Rap Song of 2010

Roc Marciano: Pop
Written by Deen from It Was Posted

There's nothing particularly original about this song. Ice Cube, Raekwon, and a ton of other rappers have provided detailed narratives about clearing out rivals and expanding territory. "Pop" barely even stands out on an album packed with highlights, but it merits it's inclusion among the best songs of the year due to execution. Roc spins an anti-social yarn about he and his crew eliminating a rival, running the block, living large, attracting envy, getting snitched on by rivals, and as with most of these tales, the inevitable downfall at the hands of the law. The only difference here is that in the City of Marcberg, bad guys win - Marciano keeps his illegal earnings, beats the case and gets back on the block. All in under four minutes and over one of the gulliest soundscapes of 2010.

Roc Marciano - Pop