31st Greatest Rap Song of 2010

Kanye West & Friends: So Appalled
Written by Deen from It Was Posted

The main problem that I've had with Kanye from an artistic standpoint since day one is his tendency towards overindulgence. Sometimes he just does too much. But more than anyone else in music today, Mr. West makes excess work more often than not. "So Appalled" is one of those instances where it all works. I imagine that Kanye kept thinking to himself "more hiccups", and "I bet anyone would sound great over this shit". So he did both, to great effect. Kanye is hilariously vulgar and profane, Jay-Z redeems his lame performance on "Monster", Prynce Cyhi doesn't waste the opportunity, Pusha does what Pusha does, Swizz tries his best (and fails) to ruin the track and RZA's dyslexic hook chanting puts everyone else to shame.

Now that I've written all this, it just occurred to me that I could have saved a bunch of time by simply describing this song as the aural equivalent of the infamous KFC Double Down. I'll let you decide who gets to play the role of bacon. Pause.

Kanye West & Friends - So Appalled