25th Greatest Rap Song of 2010

Mos Def & Ski Beatz: Cream of the Planet
Ski Beatz was arguably the most prolific hip-hop artist of 2010 for several reasons, but mostly for producing the bulk of Curren$y's critically acclaimed Pilot Talk series. With that said, "Cream of the Planet" is one instrumental I'm grateful didn't fall into $pitta's hands. I'm convinced Mos Def is the only rapper on earth that could pull this song off. While the delivery is laid-back and effortless, he still manages to match the intensity of Ski's triumphant horns. This collaboration makes you wonder if GOOD Music is the best home for Dante.

Mos Def & Ski Beatz - Cream of the Planet


  1. Yep, incredible rap song! Ski Beatz is my producer of the year, no jokes!

  2. yeah, this & Taxi >>>

    still disappointed neither were allowed on 24 Hour Karate School for whatever reason

  3. Yeah, I didn't get that either Shooter. I'm sure it was a result of label politics.

  4. RNC Chairman Michael SteeleDecember 7, 2010 at 1:34 PM

    Dope song.

    Ski's definitely been one of the top two producers in rap this year.

  5. Who's your top two producers RNC?

  6. RNC Chairman Michael SteeleDecember 7, 2010 at 5:11 PM

    I think number one is an easy guess, haha. Ski Beatz has been great this year but in a completely different way than Kanye. Understated, almost leisurely, where Kanye has been as grand as possible in pretty much every beat on MBDTF.

    As far as other guys. I liked the two beat tapes Chase N. Cashe did this year too, as well as Drop the World. Their beats have a distinctively more rock-ish sound--they don't really "thump" like most beats do, which is a welcome change once in a while. Lex Luger's been a monster of course. I liked what 40 did with Drake, even though it eventually got stale. And Cudi's production guys did well on his LP.

    To be fair, I still haven't hear Gutter Water, but if it's consistent with his other work I'm sure I'd have good praise for it.

  7. HL - as if you didn't know this dude would say yeezy.

    *daps* rnc anyway.

  8. Yo, This is the number one song of 2010. The big homie hl already told me. Yeah I'm snitching.



    Shooter plays this non stop in da whip (a yellow '82 Holden Gemini)

  9. LMAO at that Bangs song.

    @RNC good list. I haven't heard a lot of the stuff on that list. I'll have to check some of it out eventually.

  10. I don't think GOOD music is the best home for Mos, but its a good look for him