20th Greatest Rap Song of 2010

Freeway: Fan Mail (Stimulus Package Outro)
In many ways, the careers of Freeway and Cormega share eerily similar trajectories. I plan on elaborating on the parallels between circumstances following Mega's dismissal from The Firm, and the Roc-A-Fella break-up in the near future. For now I just want to highlight the fact they both overcame the odds by embracing modest underground fan bases, which were cultivated via quality and consistency. On "Fan Mail" Leslie acknowledges his devouted fans, and returns the love in the final verse. I can't imagine a more appropriate way the close "The Stimulus Package".

Also check out AZ's "Fan Mail" (Aziatic 2002), which MF aka Mo' Codenames reminded me is the blueprint for this song.

Freeway - Fan Mail (Stimulus Package Outro)


  1. Obviously a blatant bite of AZ's Fan Mail, but a great variation on it, and 1 of my fav' songs on The Stimulus Package