Excerpts From Silkk The Shocker’s Book

NOTE: Another collaboration with the infamous LightWeightHeavy.
It appears Jay-Z isn't the only rapper extending his hustle to the book game. Silkk the Shocker's highly anticipated memoirs, appropriately titled Shock and Awe, will be released to book stores and media outlets worldwide in early 2011. The book will break down many of his classic lyrics, and provide back stories to some of his biggest hits.

On his classic collaboration with Mya
(Transcribed by HL)
Back in 1998 my team was on top of the world. You couldn't tell us a damn thing. Every artist in the game was begging for a Silkk verse. I remember being hella giddy after recieving word from my manager that Mya wanted me to contribute to her album. I was giggling like a little Catholic school girl. You think I wasn't trying to knock that bitch down?!? Case BEEN closed. They flew me out to Atlanta to record what's now known as "Moving On". Classic shit dawg. Her engineer was tripping on some bullshit though. Some Midget Molley lookin' ass nigga. He kept talking bout' "your verse isn't matching up with the track". NIGGA! I'm Silkk the Shocker! I ain't off-beat, I'm just ahead of my time! We went back and forth for hours, until dude just got fed up and dropped the issue. Come to find out, that engineer was actually Jermain Dupri! What's fucked up is that Mya's high yellow ass didn't even show up to the studio session!!! I heard she wasn't feeling the kid like that, and Interscope forced her into the collaboration. That's why I had to sit in the back of the class in the video.
On "You Know What We Bout" with Jay-Z and Master P
(Transcribed by Abortatron)
It was a big moment for hip-hop, at least that's what my brother told me. This was back before i was really hip to Jay-Z, but Percy swore he was dope. I wasn't really impressed to be honest. I asked around and one of my homeboys said that Jay had been rapping for a while, and he couldn't get even get signed at initially. At that point I knew I was gonna smash him on this joint. Shit, I been signed since i was sixteen years old! My team was releasing 3 albums every month! I wasn't intimidated by this clown. So jay comes in and does his verse in one take, so i was like fuck it, I'll knock mine out in one take too. Jay knew better than to try that fast rapping shit around me though. I was the wildest, craziest, fastest rapper in the south. I wanted to one-up him, so I decided to record my verse without the headphones on. Craig B was like, "how will you stay on beat if you don't listen on the headphones?!?"
Be on the lookout for the FULL story behind "You Know What We Bout", and many more Silkk classics when Shock and Awe is released worldwide in 2011.


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