Droptops & Roc Marciano Tapes

None of these joints appear on Marcberg, which I suggest you purchase if you haven't already. Props to Unkut, Passion of the Weiss, and T.R.O.Y. for providing some rare gems.
download the tape

1. Fall Back (produced by Pete Rock)
2. Fire Power
3. Funkyard (featuring Dino Brave & Mike Raw)
4. Game of Death (featuring The UN)
5. Golden Grail (featuring The UN)
6. Graveyard Shifting (featuring Planet Asia)
7. I'm a G (produced by Pete Rock)
8. Long Time Coming (produced by Pete Rock)
9. MC's
10. Mind Blowin' (feat The UN)
11. Scarface Niggas
12. Short Race (featuring Gza)
13. The Heist (featuring Busta, Ghostface, & Raekwon)
14. The Prophecy
15. The Regulators (featuring The X-Ecutioners)
16. Think Differently (featuring Casual, Tragedy, & Vordul)
17. Time Kills (feat Dino Brave)
18. War Games aka French Connection (feat The UN)


  1. Roc Marci +Pete Rock just makes sense.

  2. Damn, the tapes don't stop. Many thanks.

  3. @Abortatron No doubt. I'm sure he soaked up a lot of production techniques from being around Pete. "The Heist" was produced by Large Pro BTW.

    @Jay-R I just drop them whenever. They're usually a result of a conversation, or maybe what I may be listening to at the time.

  4. you already know hl! Much thanks!!

  5. Really really thank you for this one!

  6. @WorktheAngle Thanks a lot for checking it out man.

  7. I copped Marcberg, its a dope album. Downloading the mixtape now. Props

  8. @EOP Hope you enjoy the compilation. It has some bangers on it.

  9. can someone re-up this?


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