Droptops & Killa Cam Tapes

NOTE: Golly, I'm gully.
download the tape

1. Come Home With Me
2. Down & Out (featuring Kanye West)
3. Get Em' Girls
4. Get It In Ohio
5. I Really Mean It
6. Losing Weight (featuring Prodigy)
7. Losing Weight II
8. Roll That Shit
9. Silky (No Homo)
10. The Roc (featuring Beans & Bleek)
11. Triple Up
12. Wanna Get
13. Welcome To NYC (featuring Jay-Z)
14. Wet Wipes
15. White Girls
16. You Gotta Love It


  1. Posted by: hl at 2:51 AM

    the hustle is unmatched (ll)

  2. Sometimes the blog game reminds me of the crack game.

  3. I know I'm not the only one who thinks Bleek went the hardest on Just Fire (The Roc), right?

    Good work. Gonna foward this link to a friend of mine who always pesters me to make him a Cam compilation.

  4. This I can dig. Nice work on the tape.

  5. @MF Something about the way Beans flips that Cypress Hill line always gets me. That's my favortie verse on there.

    *daps Vincent Van Dro & Jay R*

  6. oh, this the realest since "kum ba ya."

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