Droptops & Ice Cube Tapes

NOTE: I copped me a blog, better known as a kilo!!!

1. Straight Outta Compton
2. Fuck the Police
3. Really Doe
4. All the Critics in New York
5. Steady Mobbin'
6. Wicked
7. You Know How We Do It
8. Cave Bitch
9. You Can't Fade Me (JD's Gaffilin)
10. Once Upon A Time in the Projects
11. It Was A Good Day
12. A Bird In the Hand
13. King of the Hill
14. Dopeman (Remix)
15. I Wanna Kill Sam
16. True To the Game
17. Check Yo Self (The Message Remix)
18. Color Blind
19. Jackin' For Beats
20. No Vasaline


  1. all the critics in new york = goat east/west diss, and thats including fuck compton.

    i never understood why westside connection never gets mentioned that much when people talk about cubes best work, its the business and wc rips that whole album

  2. ice cube...... one of the best who ever did it

  3. @done I think Westside Connection was a great group as well. Some vintage Cube on that album.

  4. 7. You Know How We Do It
    10. Once Upon A Time in the Projects
    11. It Was A Good Day
    12. A Bird In the Hand

    ^ smh @ how great these songs sound today still.

    I don't go a month without listening to You Know How We Do It.

  5. fuck yeah ice cube throw ya w's up westside all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got me all excited, I had to do that. G.O.A.T. in the west coast.

  6. @JayR No doubt. Cube is definately one of the greatest ever.

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